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Build Your Playbook in 6 Weeks

Our exclusive 6-week training program is tailored specifically
 to supercharge your skills as an Operations leader, enabling you to function at the level of a seasoned COO for your business.

Your Operations Leadership Playbook


Clear understanding of the metrics that matter for your business and who is accountable for each. We'll work together to define the leading indicators for each metric and how to track them giving you the insight you need for your business and empowering you to drive results like never before.


We'll help you analyze historical sales and current trends to establish a top line revenue forecast for your business. Make informed decisions, communicate the right targets, and propel your business toward sustainable growth.


Get the tools you need to translate your Top Line Revenue forecast into an item level forecast to project sales/usage rates for all your products. With insights into product performance, you'll optimize inventory management, streamline operations, and meet customer demand with confidence.


Together we'll build your Scorecard to monitor on a week to week basis showing the data you need to know including the leading indicators on your functional accountability chart. By tracking leading indicators and performance metrics aligned with your functional accountability chart, you'll gain clarity, identify trends, and make timely adjustments to drive continuous improvement.


We'll analyze sales & usage rates and work with you to build your cycle count schedule. If you're selling products, you must control the inventory. We'll assign your items A,B,C,D importance levels and build a count schedule that keeps your team on time and your inventory numbers accurate. No more inventory surprises or discrepancies. You'll maintain accurate inventory numbers while keeping your fulfillment on track.


Let's face it. Sometimes counting is pointless. You keep "correcting" the numbers only to find out they're wrong again 48 hours later. Your timing is the issue and you're competing with your normal business processes & transactions. You'll get a clear checklist to step through that shows if you're ready to do a cycle count or not. Align your count times with your processes and eliminate wasted time and effor.


Profit doesn't equal cash. You'll have a simple yet powerful tool to outline the sales, margin, and expenses you need to maintain in order to have True Cash Profit in your business. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your financial health and make informed decisions to optimize cash flow.


Get the knowledge and process you need to analyze run rates month to month and establish Safe levels for your items ensuring optimal inventory management and mitigating stockouts or excesses.


Build the tools to transition your view of Direct Labor to a cost per unit model. We'll show you how to plan & manage labor amidst fluctuating sales volume & workload.


Your plan to move forward. We'll guide you through a cadence of reviewing sales & plans, validating forecasts, and making/purchasing the right product at the right time to meet customer demand. We'll help you document the process and stand up the tools needed to execute with discipline on time every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Small business owners and/or key team members involved in managing inventory & Operations like purchasing, production, & order fulfillment. You’re responsible for meeting customer demand in a retail and/or wholesale product business.

Jake Milner is the founder & CEO of Nercher, a consulting group that helps leaders build their operations to scale responsibly.  We focus on inventory control, financial leadership, and performance to plan strategy, and our system has served companies ranging from $1M supply distributors to $75M ecommerce businesses. After completing a brief scorecard and an Onboarding call with Jake, you will be matched with one of three expert facilitators to take you through the program

You’ll walk through our proven system for managing operations and build your own custom playbook to move from stress and anxiety about your operation to function as a high-level COO in six weeks.

Yes. This training is built on scheduled sessions to focus on your specific needs and issues to build out the playbook that will serve you in leading your business.

If you implement the practices and stay consistent, you’ll see improved sales, margins, team engagement, and cash flow.  You’ll reignite your fire for leading your business.  

If you do nothing, you won’t.

You’ll go through a quick onboarding process by answering key questions about your business and sending over some basic information to get started. 

We will have 6 scheduled one on one sessions where we will work on specific parts of your Operations Playbook. Upon completing the 6-week training program, you’ll have a clearly documented plan for your Monthly Operations Leadership Playbook and how to execute on a monthly cadence as you move forward.

Don’t wait! If you're serious about improving your business and investing in yourself and/or your leaders, you can't afford NOT to do this!

Not sure if this program is right for you?

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