King Baby

The Problem

The client is a luxury jewelry & accessories brand. The business had a great margin but was suffering from cash flow constraints operationally. Production & Fulfillment inefficiencies, along with a ballooning inventory were draining the company’s cash. The client described their problem/pain point as order fulfillment. They were filling orders late and getting worse. Our deep dive revealed the root cause of their issues was improper inventory control leading to overstaffing, improper production scheduling, and late fulfillment all of which had a major negative impact on bottom line.

The Process

Phase 1

Inventory Control

  • Cycle Count Process implemented
  • Operational controls in place to support on hand inventory accuracy
  • Safe Levels and production schedule set for core products and components
Phase 2

Standardized Workflow

  • Weekly purchasing practice streamlined working with ERP provider
  • Purchasing and Receiving SOPs in place
  • Weekly Production scheduling systematized
  • SOP in place for Daily order fulfillment practice
Phase 3

Profit Focused Leadership

  • Revenue & Expense plan set
  • True Cash Breakeven & Profit points outlined
Phase 4

Performance to Plan Management

  • Key metric dashboards built and shared with key staff
  • Custom tool in place for tracking weekly demand vs. capacity for production team
  • Structured weekly check points and monthly financial meeting

The Deep Dive

Our Deep dive revealed several large opportunities including establishing financial plans, correcting inventory & purchasing process, and implementing a weekly P2P check in with established performance and financial metrics.


The Work

  • Financial plans set
  • Retail/Service pricing validated
  • Understanding of Breakeven/Profit Points
  • Staff Compensation structure aligned with Breakeven Point
  • Inventory Control Process established and Weekly Purchasing systemetized
  • Key Retail Metrics established for tracking

The Results

  • Retail % increased from 9% to 16%.
  • Inventory process implemented
  • Reorder levels set for all inventory products and weekly purchasing practice established
  • Retail Pricing analyzed and corrected to cover expenses and ensure proper margin contribution from each sale. ($9k additional gross profit through year one)

Ongoing Support From Nercher

  • Financial Planning and Goal Setting
  • Weekly expense Review
  • Decision support and Financial validation
  • Pop up Inventory Audits
  • Monthly Financial Meeting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Nercher Quick View Dashboard

Key Results

Inventory Accuracy
Reduction in Direct Labor Spend
Monthly Gross Profits
on time order fulfillment (up from 70%)
  • The Deep Dive
  • The Big 3 Blueprint

The Client

“Nercher is amazing! Jake is a great guy with a ton of knowledge. My business was fighting with rocks and sticks, Nercher gave us nuclear weapons! Jake’s custom designed inventory system gave us the ability to see every mistake we didn’t even know we were making. Nercher has given us the ability to accomplish more than I thought possible.”

Chad O.

Union Tattoo Supply

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